Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Windows Phone 7.8 testing on Nokia Lumia 510

Nokia Lumia 510 is a low-en Windows Phone that target people who want a great smart phone in reasonably price. The device will use Windows Phone 7.8 instead of Windows Phone 8. They will available in China and India first and other country will come after this.

And this is the demonstration of Windows Phone 7.8 features in Nokia Lumia 510. The features that showed in this will be a Windows Phone 7.8 features in old generation Lumia, Lumia 610,710,800 and 900. 

The Windows Phone 7.8 will come with new start screen, new accent colors, Bing lock live screen wallpaper that is the wallpaper that change daily from Bing, new language support and the new Office that is same as Windows Phone 8 version. Nokia Lumia 510 will support by Nokia that is allowed SMS draft and keeping WIFI active while device in the lock screen.

It's a very good news that Windows Phone 7.8 will get same Office with Windows Phone 8. Microsoft claimed that it's the best Office apps in smart phone and it should be that!!

The update maybe on 28th November or in December.

Source : WMP


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