Sunday, November 4, 2012

Windows Phone 7.8 details and release date

Windows Phone 8 event was finished for a while. The details of it was showed and introduced. But what's about Windows Phone 7.8. The Windows Phone 7.5 users are curious about it.

Windows Phone 7.8 will get a new start screen like Windows Phone 8. The tile that can adjust in 3 size will have more colors. The accent colors will include in Windows Phone 7.8 too. The new feature on Windows Phone 8, Room and LENS , Windows Phone 7.8 will also get it. IE update is on the list.

There is not a new notification center in Windows Phone 8. That is one thing I disappoint. But I think they will launched and update for it. That Windows Phone 7.8 may get it too.  

The release date of Windows Phone 7.8 will be next month. But there is a bad news that the release date will late from this.

Source : WPC


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