Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Features In Windows Phone Store

New Features In Windows Phone Store

In every phone OS, Android , iOS or Windows Phone 8, the necessary thing is the store, where you can pick an apps and install into your phone. Microsoft just announced new features for Windows Phone Store (MarketPlaces) in order to welcome Windows Phone 8.

First new feature for Windows Phone Store is Collection. Collection is a new feature for helping people to find great apps. The apps will pick into a 'Collection' by man made. So the 'Collection' will be a group of apps that is fresh and update for that moment.

Second feature is 'Pick For You'. Like the name is, the feature will pick an apps for you by what do you download in the past, what do you interested, what do your friends like etc. This feature works in some countries.

You can use 'Wallet', Windows Phone 8 feature, to shopping. Shopping by Wallet make you shop faster, easier and secure.

The last features is 'My Family', work with 'Kid's Corner'. It's a parental control system. Adjusting your kids Windows Phone 8 what apps rating that they allowed to download and play will be easier. 

You can check the full detailed at Windows Blog.