Thursday, October 4, 2012

Youtube HQ and HD on Windows Phone with Tube Pro

Tube Pro windows phone can watch HD and HQ youtube video

* Tube Pro allows you to watch HD and HQ 

I found myself had a problem with watching video on Youtube with my video for many time. Don't know why sometime I can play it and sometime I can't. Nokia had suggest to download a Youtube in Marketplace and it just redirected to Youtube for mobile web.  I think a problem maybe from internet speed, but someone told that Youtube had changed an algorithm. Well maybe that's the cause.

Mobile Youtube sometime it told me sorry can't run this video in your phone, very annoying. So someone told me to use Tube Pro, an apps that can play HQ and HD video in Youtube for Windows Phone.

Tube Pro is an apps that enable you to watch and download video from Youtube. Now the latest version, it had update to fixing many bug. Now it can work manually. Tube Pro is allow you to record and upload video, make a playlist and video sharing through your Facebook, Twitter, SMS and E mail. Now, it's still work well, don't found any bug yet.

In using, you have to open Zune. For me I will open an Youtube apps from Microsoft too, just a stupid trick for me in order to click a LQ button Tube Pro when you found that you can't load a HQ and HD video via Tube Pro. haha :-)

Tube Pro is available in your Marketplace now. Try it and if you have some problem. Tell me or comment in the box, they will fix it fast.


  1. where is the downloaded video to I access it from say my PC???

  2. Maybe in C:Users/(Your computer names)/my videos

  3. how to store the videos into PC??

    pls mail me

  4. Hey, nice app but please can you tell me how tu switch of the playing? I mean when i download some movies and make a playlist or make a tick and play after finishing the list playing sters from the top. How to change it????

  5. Hey All,

    Am Using Tube Pro App on my Windows mobile lumia 720,

    This app is so good, it is allowing me to download all the HD Videos in short span of time..
    But one thing i was not clear is, where the downloaded videos were storing??
    Though the videos are showing in "MyDownload" It was not showing in phone's storage..

    Those videos are not showing in my mobile storage and as well not showing in memory card storage..

    When my mobile connected to PC...

    Can any 1 let me know on this...

    Thanks in Advance,
    Satish Varma Namburi