Monday, October 1, 2012

When the world is not judge only a number

Mobile, smartphone and technology is something that same as life, trial and error, fall and get up, revolution and continue. They passed many years for developing and innovating. Til it's now in your hand.

My first mobile phone is Nokia. I can't remember what serial it is, but it is older than Nokia 3310. It's very huge phone. Then the world of mobile phone changed again when its display is colored. In that era, every phone OEMs presented that they can show 25k color, can show bla bla thousand color. They just showed that. And when someone thought that phone memory is useful for challenging. They told how much memory that they got, how much songs you can kept.

When the world of camera and phones is come together. One point that you must considered in that era is how much Megapixel that phone got. I bought a phone that give me more Megapixel. This is something that it used to be. The world was judge by amount of number. Who got a large number, got a customer.

But now the world is not just about a number. Who got a large number, don't guarantee that you will got a customer. The World is changed. The smartphone era point is how much phone will suitable for your life, answer your life style and react directly for your need. It's not about the hardware, but it's a combination of software and hardware. The number didn't has the power that it used to be, but how it is easy to connect a social, how it is easy to take a good picture. Abstract concept is developed an important.

Apart from software OS, 3rd party system will have a power to convince users to choose the product. OS should care about this. Apps is something that response for your need too. iPhone 5 proved that. Even the mobile is bad, people will buy it because it is iPhone. You can load an apps for a missing feature. Windows Phone 8 is tried to create their ecosystem. It opened many apps developer teaching.

From now on, smartphone technology will be developed again. The world will change again and again. It doesn't be the same. Because it's a life.

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