Saturday, October 27, 2012

What is Windows RT?

What is Windows RT?

With the Surface news that the Windows Microsoft original Tablet is opened for Surface RT pre-order. The Surface RT runs with Windows RT. And this is the question, what is Windows RT?

Everyone knows that Windows 8 is the next generation PC Operation System. It's the upgrade from Windows 7. Windows 8 will support both Desktop and Metro style. It work on Intel and AMD CPU  that use the x86. And Windows RT is the Microsoft Windows OS that design for tablet and phone that normally use ARM CPU.

Windows RT will not be sold like normal Microsoft Windows. It don't have the OS software box , CD or download. There is one way you can get the OS, buy with the hardware. Windows RT will be installed in tablet. You will get it when you buy the Windows RT tablet. It's same with Apple iOS, you will get iOS when you buy Apple hardware.

So the Windows RT can runs only Metro mode. So the way to get the program is only the Windows Store. But Windows 8 can runs both Metro and Desktop. So you can get the old program from old generation Windows.

And this is the basic information about Windows RT. If there is any question that you're curious, drop the comment please.


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