Thursday, October 18, 2012

Surface the Windows 8 tablet is now live and pre-order

Microsoft had showed the Surface in June. This Windows 8 tablet is looking good and very beautiful. And now the Surface is live.

Microsoft Surface Tablet is the original Windows 8 tablet. It Is very beautiful and different from any other tablet. It has a cover pad that can transform to a keyboard, the Kick stand that can be a standing and the Office 2013, the latest Office.

And now Microsoft is open a pre-order for Surface RT. This is the price.

  • Surface RT 32 GB 499$
  • Surface RT 32 GB with black Touch cover 599$ 
  • Surface RT 64 GB with black Touch cover 699$
  • White/Red/Cyan/Magenta touch cover 119$
  • Black type cover 129$
Surface with Windows 8 pro don't have a pre-order yet. I will blog it if it has. You can make a pre-order from this Surface pre-order


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