Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nokia Lumia 822 Atlas picture leaked

Nokia Lumia 822

I had wrote about Verizon will launched Windows Phone 8 device. And this is going to true. Eveleaks, the person who leaked all Windows Phone 8 device, teased us the information about Nokia Atlas or Nokia Lumia 822.
Nokia Lumia 822

The device is look same to Nokia Lumia 710. The device is round. The Start, back and search button is changed to capacitive instead of physical one. There is a picture that this device will come with 4G LTE , front camera and 2 colors, white and grey. I think it will have 4.3 inch display and use wireless with the additional shells.

The device may be announced in next month after the Windows Phone 8 release date.

Source : @evleaks via Neowin


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