Monday, October 8, 2012

Nokia Lumia 510 Windows Phone 8

Nokia Lumia 510

Nokia Lumia 510, the next low-end Windows Phone 8, is suspected to be the next generation of Nokia Lumia 610, the low-end Windows Phone 7 device.

GSM Arena had released the picture that be suspected to be Nokia Lumia 510. It will come with 4 inch display, 4 GB internal storage and 256 MB of RAM. They told that Nokia Lumia 510 price is 150 $ and ready to sell in early 2013.

Sound good for the replacement of Nokia Lumia 610, the bigger screen will attract for more mobile phone users. But is the RAM is enough? Nokia Lumia 610 can't play Skype because of low memory RAM. If Nokia Lumia 510 can play Skype with this RAM, many feature phone users may want this phone more.

Source : GSM Arena


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