Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ms NERD told Surface Phone is coming
What does phone look like?

Surface Phone rumor

MS NERD twitted a very interesting rumor. They said that Microsoft is working with Huawei an Mediatek for Surface Phone. The Microsoft Windows Phone 8 device rumor is hot again, after Elop had threw the cold water to cool it down by Find a reason Why Microsoft win't do Surface Phone.

If this rumor is true, what will Surface Phone be? We will analyze from first, Huawei company, this company is a leader in China communication. The product is wide, they do 3 things, consumer product, carrier network and enterprise business. One things that if Huawei make this Surface Phone, it will got LTE. Huawei provide a LTE around the world. Maybe Microsoft will give a special offer for co-develop Surface Phone in sell with Hauwei network with contact. Mediatek is a silicon chip provider, wireless communication and digital multimedia. Microsoft may use Mediatek to work for a core chipset and broadband connection combo single core chip. Mediatek claimed that they are no.1 IC design in Asia. And in the twit, Microsoft is hired engineers for camera. Why don't use the old module? very interesting.

Is Microsoft going to do a low-end phone and targeted specially in China? Nope. With Microsoft behavior, there is little chance that Microsoft will jump to a low-end market. Windows Phone still got more price than Android even in low-end phone. Between Nokia Lumia 610, the cheapest Windows Phone, still got more price than some Android Phone.

So from the analyze, what's Surface Phone should be? First, LTE is in the phone. Maybe Microsoft will work with Huawei for target the LTE phone market in China and Huawei also has LTE in many country. Surface phone will have a LTE. Second, Surface Phone come with powerful camera, the camera that have to hire an engineer for it. Microsoft is going to do something again. Third, very fast to communicate wireless information from Mediatek.

There is one thing that annoying me. I know that Huawei is the primary hardware provider for Microsoft like other, Nokia , HTC and Samsung. But what's about Mediatek, why have to be them, Microsoft has a Qualcomm already for core provider. Or this Surface Phone will specially target to China. But is Huawei isn't enough. This is the interesting point.

There is a chance that this rumor will untrue, but may be it isn't. What do you think? comment and share please.

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