Friday, October 5, 2012

Microsoft will reveal Windows Phone 8 & Windows phone 7.8 on October 29

Windows Phone 8 features reveal on October 29

Set a date to your calender, Microsoft will reveal the rest of Windows Phone 8 features on October 29. The event will be held at San Francisco.

The event will tell you all about Windows Phone 8, its feature. Some part of Windows Phone 8 had be introduced in Windows Phone Summit already. In that event, the main point of the event was introducing a Windows Phone 8 development feature, so they talked about sharing core feature, co-business feature.

October 29 is the date that Windows Phone 8 will be seen by every people eyes. And then all of the Windows Phone 8 device will ready in November. The pre-order will available for a several weeks before the event.

Windows Phone 8 is not an only thing that Microsoft is going to tell. Windows Phone 7.8 for the current device update is something that Microsoft going to talk about too. I wrote about Windows Phone 7.8 will get IE 10. Check it if you like.

Windows Phone 8 is going to come out from the mist. Now the world will be different.

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