Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Microsoft will launch Surface Phone

This is a very interesting rumor, Microsoft is going to make a Surface Phone, their own Windows Phone 8 device. Actually, Microsoft had presented a Windows 8 tablet, Surface, already. In addition to giving a tablet product quality standard to other OEMs that " you can't make it worse than my Surface ". Now, BGR told that Microsoft is going to launch a Windows Phone 8 , Surface Phone.

Surface Phone is the code name in Microsoft Windows Phone 8 device like Surface tablet. Microsoft is going to make a Surface product in their hardware line. BGR told that Microsoft is looking to take a position in smartphone market. Surface Phone will be the high-end Windows Phone 8 device for fighting with iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy III or the upcoming device in the future (iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2). Even though Nokia, Samsung and HTC, Microsoft hardware partner, just released their device, NL 920, ATIV S, 8X. Microsoft still want to make the Surface Phone. Surface Phone will ready to present in first half of 2013.

And there are some Surface concept phone idea from deviantart. It released for a long time. Very beautiful for me. Take a look.

Source : BGR 


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