Sunday, October 7, 2012

iPhone 5 is the best smartphone What the ... !!

iPhone 5 is the best smartphone
Best smartphone!!

This is a very annoying news. Consumer report told that even the iPhone 5, Apple iOS phone, has the many problem. It's still a best smartphone ever.

iPhone 5 is the best smartphone in their rating. With 4G LTE, larger 4-inch displays, thinner and lighter profile and many feature help to move iPhone 5 to the rank. It is better from iPhone 4S and many new Android smartphones.

iPhone 5 picture problem
best camera

They told that about a camera iPhone 5 just lost to Nokia 808 PureView only, a monster 41 Mega pixels camera. They found that iPhone 5 is the best 8 MP camera. It gives a very sharp and vibrant picture. The speed shutter and low-light performance works well, but it's not better from iPhone 4S. (Not better, how that you call it's improved)

comparison picture from Nokia Lumia 920 iPhone 5S HTC one X+ Samsung Galaxy S3
who's the best

About the map that had been criticized, the new iOS 6 gives iPhone 5 and iPhone users enjoy the turn-by-turn directions and auto re-routing. It works very well and correctly. Even it lacks of traffic data and details.
The Flyover feature that was the problem provides the 3D city views in many angle. It gives you a very easy understanding thing around you. The map has the 'melting' problem, but it's not significant for the scores.

iOS 6 map problem
work correctly?????
Apple map is bad
Learn to jump with your car

comparison Apple map and Google map
something that right, lacks of detail, but not significant.

This is the Consumer Report. iPhone 5 is the best smartphone. But it's not worth for me because of many problems. :-)

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