Thursday, October 4, 2012

Find a reason why !! Elop said Microsoft didn't have any plan to make Surface Phone

All things D sat and took an interview with Stephen Elop.

“I have no indications they are planning to do their own phone,” Elop said.“They can do it if they so choose.”

This is the answer for Stephen Elop. Nokia CEO who made a decision to get along with Windows Phone platform, the Microsoft smartphone OS, said that he didn't hear a Surface Phone project from Microsoft before. But this is will be real??

Well, I think it will be real for 70 percent, and then Why? I will based on iPhone and Nexus information for analyze this. First, even iPhone from Apple and Nexus from Google, still didn't make their own hardware. They used other to do. They just wrote the plan and idea and find the material from Samsung, Motorola, SONY and other companies. If Microsoft is going to do Surface Phone, they should ask the hardware from Nokia, but they don't.

Ok, they maybe find the hardware from other companies that aren't Nokia. But does it will be Samsung and HTC that give the hardware to Surface. I don't think so. In the opening of the Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia, HTC and Samsung, there was Nokia only that Microsoft staff showed in the stage. So Nokia must be the trusted hardware partner. And Elop trusted in Microsoft.

But there still has a chance that Microsoft will launch a Surface Phone, their own Windows Phone 8. They can do it if they choose is a powerful sentence in this interview. Nokia must pay attention to Microsoft, but this giant mustn't.

If in the few months, there is a rumor about the hardware leaked. Be sure that Microsoft is going to do 'something'.


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