Monday, October 8, 2012

AT&T will released Nokia Lumia 920 on 4th November

Nokia Lumia 920 released date
Nokia Lumia 920 released date is 4th, November

Windows Phone Central told that Nokia Lumia 920 that definitely be AT&T exclusive will launched on November 4th. They are very confidence with this rumor. So this must be true.

Microsoft had set a date on 29th October in San Francisco to reveal a latest phone OS, Windows Phone 8.  In that event, Microsoft will show the Windows phone 8 consumer features. So the Windows Phone device will release after that.

The question is when AT&T will open for pre-ordered. Usually, the device will open for pre-ordered before launching in one or two weeks. 26th October is the date that be suspected for Nokia Lumia 920 pre-ordered from WPC.

About pricing, the site didn't sure about that. But I hope them to set the reasonable price. Maybe 99$ with 1 year contact. just hope Haha :-)

Source : WPC


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