Monday, September 3, 2012

Windows Phone8 menu theme colors!! 

This is a Windows Phone 8 accent colors found by 1800pocketpc. There are more colors than Windows Phone 7, but I still want more colors. I don't know why Microsoft don't give people 2 choice of this. First it a theme colors that already make. And for anyone who want any colors, just switch to the color custom menu and make the color of your own. Wish Microsoft take a look with it.

In Nokia Lumia, there is a Nokia blue color. In each OEMs, I think they will make one of their color like Nokia made in now Windows Phone.

Crimson is look so good. Nokia Lumia 920 in metallic will match Crimson in black background.

Nokia Event is going to come. 9/5 will be epic. :-)

source : 1800pocketpc


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