Saturday, September 15, 2012

Windows Phone 7.8 will get IE 10

*Put it in please!!

Windows Phone 7.8 will get IE 10. This is why IE 10 must be on Windows Phone 7.8.

Web is exploding. In web browser world, there is something new happen all the time. So the new web browser is something that Microsoft should add to Windows Phone 7.8.  Microsoft have to pay attention to this topic. Because many Nokia Lumia 800, 900,710 and 610 were sold in this year. And sure that not all people can change their phone. In IE 9, in Tango and Mango, cannot run some web, run in an alien language, misplace the web structure and many problem. At least, it represent my blogger author error.

Even though Nokia Lumia 920 is an epic phone, not every people're going to buy it. Microsoft should consider this. They can't ordered everyone to buy their new phones. And they can't drop old users behind.

In Windows phone user voice, there is many vote for upgrading some features to Windows Phone 7.8.  If Microsoft don't take care users, these users are the most loyalty Windows Phone users, so next time what do Microsoft guarantee that they won't drop Windows Phone 8 user?


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