Sunday, September 16, 2012

Windows Phone 7.8 release date : release in November

*New Start Screen,Only??

WANT TO UPDATE Before anyone
Check How to get Windows Phone 7.8  ROM Update 

Windows Phone 7.8 is a next version for people who use Windows Phone 7.5, Mango and Tango. It's a mystery what's Windows Phone 7.8 will get besides New Start Screen. I wrote a article about Windows Phone 7.8 will get IE 10 and reason. You can check it out.

Another thing that be very interesting is when Windows Phone 7.8 will come out. Microsoft told that it will come when Microsoft release Windows Phone 8. Now Windows Phone 8 is RTM. Normally it use 4-6 weeks for OEMs in adjustment to their devices. But it should use 4 weeks becuase they have to challenge with iPhone 5. So Windows Phone 8 devices will available in October. then Windows Phone 7.8 must be released in November (Now the latest News told that they may postpone the release date to December.)

Windows Phone 7.8 must have something besides new Start Screen. It's a responsibility for Microsoft that must do. They sold many Lumia series. They got a large of profit. Something basically in Windows Phone 8 must be in it. I think it's not hard to write IE10 , new language or camera function in Windows Phone 7.8. Or they are lazy.


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