Sunday, September 2, 2012

Secrets in Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone 8

After released Samsung ATIV S, many blogger got a hand on this device and something was revealed.

First is back cover. It does not make from aluminium. But it is a plastic. In latest news from, it showed that a plastic back cover can bend like "Devid Beckham's free kick". But it will be a problem. Many plastic can bend but it doesn't mean it will strong or don't crack. But Samsung will not miss this point for sure. Samsung ATIV S will have a good endurance.

Next is the screen. From the Verge showed that Samsung ATIV S use a HD SUPER AMOLED Display with Pentile RGBG-matrix, same as Samsung Galaxy S lll and for Pentile RGBG-matrix is on a Nokia Lumia 800 too. Before I bought Nokia Lumia 800, I hesitated between Nokia Lumia 800 or 900 because of the Pentile Display. When I have tried Nokia Lumia 800. It's not a problem anymore. In Nokia Lumia 800 that have low resolution from Windows Phone 7.5 limitation, I hardly see a Pentile annoying problem. With more power of display resolution, the pentile will smoother and harder to find. (that now I hardly find it).

The question for me is this Samsung ATIV S will be their Windows Phone 8 Flagship or not. When compared to their Android Flagship, Samsung Galaxy S lll, it looks same. So is this phone is their Flagship, it will have NFC for sure. Or if it's not, we will see Windows Phone 8 in The Samsung Galaxy Note size for sure. :))

A few days to 5th SeptemberNokia World 2012 and Nokia and Microsoft Press conference In New York, expect for full features from Microsoft , new devices and the world gonna change again!!

Source: WMP,WPC


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