Friday, September 14, 2012

Rumor : 
Nokia Lumia 920 coming in 21 oct

*See you in 21 oct,Nokia Lumia 920   

From the liveside, Nokia Lumia 920 has be rumored that will be sold in 21 october.

Nokia Lumia 920 has been announced in New York in 5th September with an epic mood. Many people saw it and wanted it. It's a latest Windows Phone 8 device. The Verge had said that Nokia Lumia 920 will be available in 2nd November. But this site told that it will be released in 21 October or in a month.

The ready to sale product is a key to success. Apple use it. The product is ready to sold in the same time that it shows off. People want to buy when the news is fresh. In iPhone 5, Apple has declared to pre-order already. The quicker Nokia Lumia 920 come, the more Nokia Lumia 920 will be sold.

Credit: liveside


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