Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Don't worry Viber is working in VoIP for WP8

This is the latest Answer  from Viber. I got it from WPCentral forum. Wish this answer for your curious about this.

And if they complete the App, this Viber will be exclusive for Nokia users. They can use VoIP in viber. Viber is a multi platform messaging apps. VIBER now available in iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. It provides messages sending and VoIP.  You can use it to send a free SMS via internet and call via internet for free. I used to use it for calling friends in Europe. It is cheaper than normal call.


  1. still must wait,cant make call by viber with lumia920

  2. Anyone know viber come out for WD8 for Nokia 920 yet.?Please let me know when viber can make phone call for WD8 Nokia, thanks.

  3. Please let me know when viber update for WD 8 Nokia lumia 920 can make a call, thanks.

  4. "Don't worry we haven't forgotten you! We are still working on Viber for WP8, and hope to have good news soon...Please stay tuned!"

    This is the latest answer from Viber team

    I hope it come out in March :)