Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 PureView camera one step beyond

Nokia Lumia 920 has announced in Nokia Event in New York. It's a supremacy phone. With Nokia and Microsoft, they shift the phone technology one step, that beyond our imagination.

Camera is an important thing that the smartphone maker have to pay attention. Like an Iphone 4s, they told that it is a best smartphone camera ever. Samsung Galaxy SIII also has many function to its camera. The weakness of Windows Phone 7 , Mango and Tango in old Nokia Lumia series is about a camera issue. They have a poor white balance that make a picture bad. But something has changed, Nokia declared a next innovation smartphone, Nokia Lumia 920,which camera innovation reached upon the limit.

Nokia Lumia 920 comes with a second generation of PureView. The first generation is in Nokia PureView 808 that provide an incredible zooming experience. Their sensor make picture to 41 MP which take a best photo quality. But in a Second Generation of PureView in Nokia Lumia 920, it has cleared the low light and non steady problem. You will be easier to take a photo while in dark or take a video rec while running.

So Nokia Lumia 920 gets rid of this 2 problem : 

-take a picture in dim light
-non steady while rec or pic

The first technology is BSI (Back-side illuminated).

Nokia Lumia 920 PureView has a 8.7 MP instead of 41MP in first gen PureView. But Nokia Lumia 920 use BSI sensors that move wires and metal behind the sensors, so it will increased photons to the pixels. Or say it easier, it will help to give a good picture while in low light. Furthermore, Nokia Lumia 920 also use a F 2.0 camera aperture, giving a larger sensor, helps to function in low light.

Next is an important thing in Second Gen PureView, the OIS , Optical Image Stabilisation. Haha, you could say "Hey!! Iphone has it too" or "My S3 has it". But in normal OIS smartphone, it use a gyroscope to check which direction that phone move and move lens to opposite. But in Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia decided to not move only lens but all optical assembly or all lens and sensors. So Nokia claimed that New Nokia OIS in Nokia Lumia 920 PureView cater up to around 500 movement every second. Nokia Lumia 920 also has a "Phase shift" to compensation lag for unintended movement. So Nokia Lumia 920 OIS system operate 5x quicker than any smartphone.

The result of Nokia Lumia 920 OIS system is you can use a 1/4 shutter speed but picture is still not shaking. Easy to hold one hand and take a picture. Making people to easier picture with best result without pro skill.

Another thing for helping in take a pic in low light is flash. Nokia Lumia 920 use Next generation LED flash, that have a pulse flash burst function. It shoot a short single flash that have a good timing to collect all data in picture. This flash also help to take a movement picture.

And last, Nokia Proprietary Image Processing Technology that work together with Nokia and Microsoft, provide a better auto focus, auto white balance and more. This image framework will approach to other Windows Phone 8, making a picture have low noise.


This is Nokia Lumia 920 PureView camera Specfication

- Carl Zeiss Optics
-Optical Image Stabiliser Barrel shift type
-Stabiliser performance Up to 3EV (8x longer shutter speeds)
- Focal length:  3.73mm
-35mm equivalent focal length:
                o 26mm, 16:9
                o 28mm, 4:3
-F-number:  f/2.0
-Focus range: 8cm – Infinity
-Construction:  5 elements, 1 group. All lens surfaces are aspherical
-Optical format: 1/3
- Sensor: BSI (Backside illuminated)
-Total pixel are used: 3553 x 2448 – 8.7Mpix
- Pixel Size:  1.4 microns

Nokia just shift the smartphone camera innovation. With Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia do it wow again.


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