Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nokia Event is coming!! SwitchToLumia

Nokia Event SwitchtoLumia.
There are Nokia Phones in each corner.

They used silverlight. It's pretty worst!!!!!!! Too much laggy. Coming!!!

Elop is on stage.

Future Disruption
Their design!
 Nokia map to Windows Phone 8

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Pureview! The best phone camera in the world

Floating lens technology
Reacts to movement while in your hand

Camera integrates with Navigation

Nokia City Lens integrates with camera and Nokia Map
Hold your camera up and use it.

New screen Pure moting HD+
better than HD and Nokia Lumia 920 got curved screen

2000 mAh and Snap Dragon s4, save more battery
FATBOY PILLOW Wireless charger co-op with Virgin Atlantis and Coffee Beans

Showing WP8 Platform but not all!! :-(

He plays with live tiles that can adjust... 
Old WP7 can run on WP8

New IE 10 Response easier

Screenshot saving function and easy to communicate with Social Network

Camera UI is better. Pinch to Zoom instead Zoom bar
And New function "LENSES" add 3rd party app to Camera system immediately 

Automatic Upload to SkyDrive

"Blink" Rapid shot and combine image to make the best eyes-open photo!!
But look Microsoft still have whit balance problem.

Nokia Lumia 920 comes with lipstick red, slate grey and yellow

Fastest LCD display ever
1280x760 display 25 percent brighter than any smartphone 
Tap while wearing glove!!!!!!!!!!

Wireless charging, just plop on Fatboy Pillow.

Nokia Music instant streaming No registration.
JBL speakers can charge a phone
Purity pro headphone use bluetooth. It's all wireless.

Yaa!! I have to go now. Will blog later,


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