Sunday, September 23, 2012

My favorite Windows Phone apps : Purple Cherry

*Purple Cherry

Purple Cherry is an emulator in Windows Phone. In old Version it's just a Gameboy emulator, but in a new version, it can play Gameboy Color roms. So I can play my favorite many Gameboy Color game. You can find roms in google. I want to suggest you to play Pokemon' in your Windows Phone, but it's still bug with this game.  Find another game else, there is many game to play. Rockman 5 is very cool. It can adjust to play in a portrait or a landscape D-pads is response quickly, but not enough for very very fast control. It cannot links with your friends. Still have a lot to improve.

In Windows Phone,there is free trial for every apps. Or buy in $1.29. Find it in your Windows Phone store.

Update: in new version, finally it can play Pokemon' without a bug at Mr. Pokemon. Try it. 

In version 1.5, the bug has been fixed in Pokemon gold and crystal. You can enjoy with Pokemon game in your Windows Phone now. Find some roms in google. :-)

If you found any problem, comment at a program download place. Their apps development team work quickly.


  1. Can't use this app with WP8, it doesn't start... saying : this file can't be created, any ideas? :/

  2. I read many comment and found they won't work for WP 8 yet.
    But I think it'll be fixed soon :)

  3. does this kill battery life? i have a nokia lumia 928