Tuesday, September 11, 2012

iPhone 5 almost there.
Is Nokia Lumia 920 will win the battle? 

*iPhone 5 's coming!

I am not an Apple fan, but I used to use an iPhone 4S. iPhone has a major pros than other that they had many apps that answer every path of lifestyle. It's not because iOS is better than Windows Phone or Android, but it is about the number of users. Publisher want to spread their product in larger market, so Apple and Android got many apps, while Windows Phone has only 100k.

But after released Windows Phone 8, many company are response to it. So the growth of Windows Phone will be come more potential. With its sharing core feature, it will easy to port their app between phone, tablet and PC. And after Nokia Lumia 920 published, I'm sure that many famous apps in Apple will care more about Windows Phone.

It's totally clear that Android Flagship Phone, Samsung Galaxy SIII has lost to Nokia Lumia 920, the Windows Phone 8 Flagship. Nokia hit Samsung out in every parts. Screen display, design and camera in Nokia Lumia 920 is better. About the OS , Windows Phone react faster than Android even it is JellyBeans. The only feature that Android still win and it's important thing is it's a open OS. Can't underestimate the power of OPEN OS, Bill Gates used it to conquer in computer wars before. And it's totally unfair for iPhone 4S to compared with Nokia Lumia 920, it's an old gen device so we have to wait for next Apple Flagship, iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is going to annouced on 12th September. The rumor said that they will get a new design, bigger and slimmer, get a new chips, process faster and get a new OS. Maybe it will change a name to The New iPhone same as they used in iPad.

Smartphones are something that answer your life. Windows Phone answer with simpler and different, Android answer with OPEN source and Apple used to answer with the eye-catching innovation. But this time Nokia and Microsoft are shift the world innovation already. Is iPhone prepared enough to shake the world? If not, next year will be a Windows Phone 8 year!!

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