Friday, September 21, 2012

iOS 6 maps is worse than any map

iOS 6 maps bad

*iOS 6 maps is bad

Every time you do something new. It must have a mistake. But in this era, if you have it, you may be crashed. Every companies should consider and test their products that will not have problem before deploy it. But New Apple took a wrong way, iOS 6 maps is a mistake. It's a worse map ever.

iOS 6 maps have many problems. It's lack of accuracy. Maps are misplaced. The maps and some locations info aren't provided enough. The pictures from satellite mode is bad.

iOS 6 maps
From hisoft, thx

*Believe in iOS 6 maps, you can drive pass this street. 

Some places are put it a wrong location, from BBC , Uckfield in East Sussex. Some towns, the satellite image is a cloud. In Ireland, Apple iOS 6 maps was put a farm in Dublin in a wrong category. It was put in Airport category. So the Ireland Government have to send an urgent message to Apple for fixing their iOS 6 maps.

Apple should put iOS 6 maps in the labs and seal it forever. iOS 6 maps is bad. In their Apps store, there is another better choices. If you have an iPhone, try to check it. I know that new things must have a problem, but Steve didn't make Apple product imperfect. Everything he made was perfect and New Apple should respect that.

Still don't want to judge that iPhone 5 is a bad product.  But it's not 'Steve Apple' anymore. SO try Windows Phone 8 instead. :-)
iOS 6 maps not working
from arjin : Apple want me to fly


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