Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I hate this Tuesday!! 'Stay Tuned' with Nokia

Nokia Event is going to cast!! Just one more day, but I want to know now. And Nokia just send another teaser to us with 'Stay Tuned'

In the Video is show the Augmented Reality, or a Nokia City Lens. This app helps to tell you a good place based on location you are. It will work with Nokia Map. Find something you want and you will get a direction, picture and review. But the interesting thing in this video is social integrating. You will see that there is a message " 2 friend have checked in here " " 3 friends like it ". It means it will response with your social network.

Another thing is woman with the headphone has stop when pass this store when the Augmented Reality appeared. Does it can interactive with sound??

Tomorrow!! Nokia will cast a magic. ' Stay Tuned ' .. At least 2 Things that Nokia going to show us is Pureview and this Augmented Reality. See Nokia Lumia 920!!


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