Thursday, September 20, 2012

HTC 8X Windows Phone 8

*HTC leading Windows Phone 8 device

HTC 8X is coming. It’s a HTC Windows Phone 8 Flagship phone. Make for answer the question in your lifestyle. With a new design from other HTC and many color option, it’s up to you what do you choose to suit for your life.

HTC 8X is use same Unibody polycarbonate like Nokia do. It will have a seamless design. There is 4 choices of color, Blue(purple for me), black, yellow and red. The lock button is on the top of a phone. There is a camera physical button too.

HTC told that their 8X will have 3 killing features. First is World-Class camera. In main camera, it’s an 8 MP with an auto focus, LED flash and BSI sensor. It use lens that has F2.0 aperture and 28 mm of it.  HTC 8X can record video in 1080p. The BSI is a technology that Nokia Lumia 920 PureView uses. It’s for better low light capturing image. The front camera is F2.0 aperture too. It’s a 2.1 MP camera and can record 1080p too. The HTC 8X front camera has a wide angle than any other phone. So this is a first killing feature that HTC 8X has.

Second killing feature is Perfect Fit design. They come in the same style with iPhone 5 “This phone is the most comfortable ever when you hold it. It suits perfectly in your hand“. HTC 8X is a unibody design that button are flush with the body. It comes with 4.3’’ with Gorilla Glass 2. It weighs 130 grams with battery. The display is HD 720p.  It has HTC laminated display that claimed perfect viewing in any angle. HTC 8X will available in California blue, Graphite black, Flame red and Limelight neon.

Last killing feature is HTC beats audio. HTC 8X will has a built in amp. It will give the headphone more powerful in playing sound. Beats audio will provide a deeper bass, better vocals and collect all the note detail for your better experience in playing game, sound, music and movies.

HTC 8X runs with Windows Phone 8. The most attracting OS ever. Give your phone life and live along your phone. Windows Phone 8 OS is a simple answer for your life. HTC 8X will released in November.


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