Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Elop "You look at it and say WOW!"

Nokia CEO had an interview with Wall Street Journal. He was talking about Nokia smartphone future in Windows Phone OS, their thought and what they going to surprise us.

Nokia has risk their smartphone market future in Windows Phone OS. He told that Nokia has to think next step that have built one before, so they must be concentrated. Nokia said they have to establish the third ecosystem. And they want to share in an overall market share of Windows Phone OS. In the same time, Nokia has another market, mobile phone business. They just send their Asha.

He said Nokia will present a break though consumer experience that Apple and Android can't do or other Windows Phone OEMs can't. He said Nokia will show the first working Windows Phone 8 OS. They will show the beautifully different sharing experience on Windows Phone 8. He told that we will look at it and say wow. They

OK! I will wow now. What does Nokia keep this confidence in conquer overall market share? They will show something that used a year to create. Anything!! Nokia Windows phone 8, do it beyond and you will successful.

And he said Nokia didn't care about Samsung ATIV S. They work hard for Nokia Event.

Link : Interview: Nokia's Elop on Windows 8 Phone Launch


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