Friday, September 14, 2012

Apple iPhone 5, 
a little step, but will it be mighty????

* Wow gone away!!

iPhone 5 has officially announced in 12th September. Many people are waited for them. I watched the live cast. The iPhone 5 was introduced in very 'slowly' mood...... and it's bang!!! Not the wow that said in every year, but Wow how you dare end like this, it's still nothing for me!!

iPhone 5 is be introduced as 'The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone'. It's come with a very light and slim iPhone. It's have longer display. They talked about their display is a right size for every people. I haven't try it yet ,so I won't talked much about how it feel when you hold the display that elongated. But they said like that, so I will believe like that. I don't like a very big display so. :-) iPhone 5 got a new port, Lightning. They showed the iSight that will easily take a panorama shot. Their new maps will give more information and point of view. New Siri. They have a Passbook for your personal wallet (didn't use NFC).

In this smartphone era, Phone didn't compared with the hardware only, but it is a software, the ecosystem that the OS can make. If that OS can't give a good ecosystem, it will end(like Elop said in dropped back Meego and Symbian). iPhone from Apple has a great ecosystem. It has many apps and it's why iPhone is very success. But in the 2012-2013 smartphone era, the ecosystem is just not the apps only anymore. It's about how it make my life easier, how it make me feel better and what does it give me when I buy it. Every OS, Android, iOS and Windows Phone try to answer this, show it to people and people will make a decision. 

But!!! the important thing is what ever smartphone that you use. That phone has to integrate with any other phone even it's not the same OS. iPhone 5 miss this point. They imagine the world that every people be Apple, use only their technology. But in this world, many phone, many OS, it's not only you, but there is other. What's the point if your apps can do like that but cannot use with other. It's useless. 

In long time ago, if iPhone don't use other someone technology, Steve will create the brilliant and mighty instead. But now just Passbook.... iSight .... new Map... Steve will cry!!! New Apple just turn to a copycat. They followed other innovation. It's just present a same function that other phone can do. 

iPhone 5 will get a best sale for sure. They will got a large number. Many people still buy it. But the point is in the next iPhone, if it couldn't shift the world innovation, I will see what's going on if it's happen.

iPhone 5 has take a very little slowly step. iPhone 4, every one was talked about Retina display, iPhone 4s everyone was talked about camera and Siri. What's people will talk about in iPhone 5? The lightest,thinnest,slimmest. If Steve were here, Steve will pirate the brilliant idea and show to us. iPhone is gonna slow down. It's now Android and Windows Phone. And Jellybeans just ate by Windows Phone 8. Now it's time for Windows Phone to strike back.


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