Monday, September 10, 2012

Another reality
The Augmented reality that you'll find in Nokia city Lens

*"City Lens isn't just about a world around you. It's about you.."

Nokia just shared their new video in Youtube, The Augmented Reality, Nokia City Lens. Nokia City Lens is an app that introduce you about a places around you through camera, integrate with Nokia map and bring some information about that places. It seem just like an other app, but it's very different.It's a new ways to experience something. It shows you in the same point of your view, shows you what local think, shows you what your social like and shows you what's going around. It's cooperate with other social network. It's something that amazing. Trust me. watch this video and you will get it.

Now Nokia City Lens is on a marketplace now. Nokia Windows Phone 7 and Nokia Windows Phone 8 only that can get this exclusive app. One thing that other OEMs won't do is care like Nokia care.


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