Wednesday, September 19, 2012

7 Reasons why Nokia Lumia 920 is better than iPhone

iphone 5 is better, but Nokia Lumia 920 is best

Will u better than me?

1. Display
Even iPhone 5 comes with longer display to 4'' and come with graphic improvement. It has resolution 1136x640 with 326 pixels-per-inch. But Nokia Lumia 920 is better, it is a 4.5'' Nokia PureMotion HD+ WXGA IPS LCD, with has very high resolution, 1280x768 with 332 pixels-per-inch. So Nokia Lumia 920 will play graphic more fluid. Give you a better experience of video watching , net surfing and doing everything.

Nokia Lumia 920 hand on

2. Camera
iPhone 4S was be told 'the most amazing camera, you will found in the iPhone.', because of it Digital image stabilization. iPhone 4S gave the best photo in that moment. But in iPhone 5, they didn't do anything incredible to their camera. Nokia Lumia 920 come with PureView that provide a better image stabilization than any other phone in the world. It will take photo better while in low light or in movement. In this issue, Nokia Lumia 920 is just not better from iPhone 5 only, but better from any other phone. Click to see Nokia Lumia 920 PureView.

Nokia Lumia 920 preview image test

3. Battery lifetime
Nokia Lumia 920 come with 2000mAh that give the spec to 17 hours talk times. iPhone 5 come with only 8 hours talk times. Your phone can take a day challenge and pass it easier, if your phone is Nokia Lumia 920.

4. NFC
Apple didn't care about NFC. They told they has a better apps. But what's the point if you can't use with any other. The world is not just iPhone 5 and Apple. NFC is technology for everyone to connect each other, even you use different phones. And Nokia Lumia 920 got it. Share and play something easier that you will never imagine how it can easy like that.

Nokia Lumia 920
5.Wireless charging
Most people ask me 'why have to use wireless charging, if you have to connect the charger. It's useless.'. I will give an easy answer. With no wireless charger, 10 iPhone 5 = 10 charger, but still 1 electric plug socket on your wall, so who comes fast,who get that. With Wireless Charger, 10 Nokia Lumia 920 = 1 wireless charger, still use 1 electric plug socket in your wall. But can charge 10 Nokia Lumia 920!!! No more challenging. Nokia also talked to Virgin Atlantic and Coffee Bean to provide a wireless charging. I think it will have more shop that give you a wireless charging.
Nokia Lumia 920 wireless charger

Apple do their maps themselves, just start in iPhone 5. Nokia do their map themselves, just in long time ago. So Nokia collect more data, received more user feedback and give more improvement. Nokia also give you a Nokia Drive that can use in Offline mode. New Nokia City lens give you a new reality experience in map navigation, the Augmented Reality. Nokia Transport give you a bus information in your area. So please choose Nokia Lumia 920.

7. It's a Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8 give you a different experience. It's a beautiful and unique. Live tiles that can update. Social integration, oh iPhone 5 has this, a Facebook integration. Do office in your hand with Office 2013. IE 10. and more that Microsoft still don't tell us.

Nokia city lens


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