Sunday, August 26, 2012

Windows Phone 8 , the way of life

In this busy life, you and I have a work to do and thing to play. Someone has to get up early in the morning. Someone just sleep in the morning. Many people, many style, you don't know what you will face in today. All the thing you need is time. With the time, you can do anything. But how?

Let's Windows Phone 8 answer it. It's a nature of Windows Phone. Get up and get out from a phone, use less time with a phone. Go to your life. When you've done with work, tell your wife and son that you're going home and tell your friends to drink easily with group live tiles. Track someone you are interested with live tiles. Easily socialize with Facebook, twitter and many social app integration. Play some games with X box live. Photo hub provides your picture from your social app already. Don't mess with Office, you have an Office integration, bring it from cloud.

And for Windows Phone 8 , it will make life as life. With Wallet for an ultimate shopping experience, Business hub to organize your company. NFC is a technology to contact with other people, want something, take it now.

Windows Phone 8 make you a time, time to chill and time to fun. Great people use time to create a brilliant thing. Windows Phone 8 have a social ecosystem, both online and offline social. Answer your online social with less time and get some party.

For me , That's why i'm going to use Windows Phone 8.  Going to wait a First Windows Phone 8 in Microsoft and Nokia press conference September 5th in New York.


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