Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What's Windows Phone 8?

Windows Phone 8 is an evolution of Windows Phone. In long time ago, Microsoft had a Windows mobile. If you used to play with it, it used a stylus pen to play. Then they came to Windows Phone 7 , Mango and Tango. Joe Belfiore is a man who give a life to Windows Phone. Old generation's Windows Phone used a different system kernel, called winCE. But when comes to Windows Phone 8, they change to use WinNT that will easily to port from desktop to Windows Phone.

Windows phone 8 will come with many thing, such as IE10, NFC, Wallet Hub, Nokia map technology, Company Hub and new start screen. Microsoft claimed that IE10 will be fastest in mobile-browser. NFC will give you ability to transfer and can adapt to do something beyond imagination. Wallet Hub will make your life easily. Nokia map is very good and going to better than this. Company Hub will communicate your company together. And you can create a creative thing with new start screen.

Windows Phone 8 will answer your life. Its ecosystem will make your life easier. With its simple to use and easy to use, you will feel in love with Windows Phone. It's a charm of Windows Phone and it's going to have more charm in Windows Phone 8.

We will know more about it in Nokia and Microsoft press conference in September 5th in New York or Nokia World 2012

See more in Windows Phone 8 analyzing soon!!


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