Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Verizon will send a Nokia Windows Phone 8 in this year!!

I'v heard a rumor about Verizon for a while, but Bloomberg answered it. Bloomberg said that Verizon will offer Nokia Windows Phone 8 this year.

Bloomberg said that in Microsoft and Nokia press conference on September 5th in New York, Verizon won't be in the event, but Verizon intends to send a Nokia Windows Phone 8. Verizon is going to decrease a magnitude in Iphone(that a rumor tell to see it in September 12th) and Android.

Now Verizon just released only HTC Trophy only. AT&T had a Nokia Lumia 900 and T-mobile had a Nokia Lumia 710. Windows Phone 8 will use a same kernel with a desktop and tablet, work faster, high resolution and easier.

From this news, Windows Phone 8 has a fist step killer move to the mobile OS war. Verizon is an importance mobile network in US. For AT&T, have Verizon as a rival will provide more benefits to  customers, such as; Promotion. They will improve their service,and WHO WILL BE LUCKY, WE ARE!!!

Source : Bloomberg


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