Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Officially Declared Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone 8 !!

Samsung declared the official Windows Phone 8 device. Samsung ATIV S is a 8.7mm aluminium device with a 4.8'' HD SUPER AMOLED. This is a specification of Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone 8.

Samsung ATIV S

CPU : 1.5 Ghz dual core processor
Screen: 4.8'' HD SUPER AMOLED 720p, display made from Corning Gorilla Glass 2
Camera: 8 MP autofocus rear camera and 1.9 MP front camera
Storage : 16 GB and 32 GB
Battery : 2300 mAh

This source doesn't tell about NFC. But if you want to complete in all Windows Phone 8 features, you should have NFC. Aluminium make a device feel strong when hold in a hand. 4.8'' is very big for me. Someone told that with a thin device you will feel it's small even it has a big screen. I think it's not true. Samsung Galaxy S3 is very big, but thin, still feel huge for me. I love a physical Windows button. I think capacitive make a design better, but physical one is more useful. 

Samsung has take a first move in Windows Phone 8. From now, many Windows Phone 8 devices will come.  But Samsung just set a very high standard. Look like Nokia and HTC must do more homework. lol :))

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