Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nokia PureView, just win EISA , will come to Windows Phone 8 in next coming weeks??

Nokia PureView is a camera sensor technology that enhance a image quality to 41 MP. If you used to use it before, even zoom function is digital, but still give you a high resolution. It doesn't have an oversampling happen at full zoom. To say in common way, it's still a good image when you zoom in.

And this Nokia PureView technology just won a EISA (European Image and Sound Association) Award for mobile Photo Achievement for 2012-2013.

I'm so exciting about this and wish that it will come to Lumia line(Windows Phone series).
And Nokia told....

This picture is a twitter from Nokia. If it's true, in next coming week we will see new Nokia handset. Maybe Nokia Phi that had rumor will come with PureView Windows Phone 8. Wait to see in Nokia and Microsoft press conference September 5th in New Yorkor maybe Nokia World

Base information from WMP


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