Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nokia Phi is the next Nokia Windows Phone 8!!!

This picture is from It shows names of Windows phone 8 device. Nokia Phi is in a list.
But from this source, this Windows Phone 8 device will come with dual core CPU, battery built-in, SD card support, NFC and 4G LTE. Nokia Phi will have a bigger screen size than Nokia Lumia 900.

I don't sure about this rumor. I don't have a problem with Nokia Lumia 900 screen size. Why Nokia have to make it bigger? Anyone have problem with it? The only reason that I think they have to emphasize about the screen size is they are going to build it to fight with Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

This source showed that Nokia will come with dual core CPU. OK, I can accept it. Because with my Nokia Lumia 800 that have only one core, it's very fast enough. I'm very happy with SD card support. Now only built-in memory is not enough. Wishing about battery life, to make it better than today. The power issue come from the OS. I think Windows Phone 8 will make it better.

Still be a rumor about this Windows Phone 8 device. We will know about it for sure in Nokia Word 2012 or in Microsoft and Nokia press conference September 5th in New York.

Now Samsung had leaked about their Windows Phone 8, Samsung Odyssey and Samsung Macro.


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