Friday, August 31, 2012

Nokia Arrow, Lumia 820 is coming 

After Samsung show their Sumsung ATIV S Windows Phone 8, Nokia Windows Phone 8 has leaked in China website, be suspected as Nokia Arrow, Lumia 820.

Device is look thin than Nokia Lumia 800 and 900. It's a little curve, so it could be a curve screen. The screen size may be 4.3''. Screen resolution is 480*800. A Device runs with Windows Phone 8, OS version is 8.0.9735.0.

I really love Nokia design. It has a very high quality. But if mid ranged phone is 4.3''. The flagship must be bigger. I think a 4.3'' screen size is something many people looking for. If it's bigger than that, someone won't like it. (yeah, for me too)

The phone price may be 250-350 $ off contact. It's reasonable price for mid ranged phone. May be in real Nokia Arrow, RAM will be increased and comes with dual core processor. LTE must be in this phone. It will help in conquering the phone OS wars. Nokia mustn't  miss it.

According to old news, Nokia Arrow will run on AT&T and T-mobile. But it's not sure. Someone told it will be Verizon. Wait for detail on 9/5.

On September 5th, We will know for sure. Nokia just told that things are about to change. Wait for Nokia World 2012 for Europe. And Nokia and Microsoft press conference in New York.

information: WMP


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