Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Come and see!! Samsung Odyssey spec

I had analyzed a New leaked Samsung Windows Phone 8, Samsung Macro GT-I8370, in previous article.

In this article, I will analyze a suspected Hi-end Samsung Windows Phone 8, Samsung Odyssey GT-I8750.

Samsung Odyssey will come with a 4.8'' HD Super AMOLED screen. It will give a brilliant of image and screen resolution. Windows Phone 8 has an ability to support more resolution. I think this screen will work with full performance. Screen size is very big for me, but for someone who like to watch movie, it will be very good.

Samsung Odyssey has a 8MP in back and 1.9 in front. The back camera is better than Samsung Macro which has only 5 MP, but same in front. 8MP is a standard for this generation, but I don't think it's enough in next gen phone. Compared with Nokia that promised, to bring a PureView technology in next gen Windows Phone 8, Samsung has to give more attention about this. I think when Iphone 5 be released, Apple will shift the camera quality for sure.

About storage, Samsung Odyssey gives you choices of 16 GB and 32 GB, but Samsung Odyssey can use Micro SD card. So the storage issue is not a problem. Samsung Odyssey uses a 1.5 dual core, same with Samsung Macro. For WP8 (Windows Phone 8) , it's very fast, because system is very fluid.

And again, I don't know that Samsung Odyssey will support NFC and 4G LTE or not. But if you want to stand in next-gen phone market, you must have it.

Samsung Odyssey price is about 500-600 Euro. Very appropriate price. If it comes with NFC support and 4G LTE, it's a must buy price. I think it's good to put more 50-150 Euro to have some larger phone and brilliant screen. Oh! and it's Windows Phone 8.

Wait to see more Windows Phone 8 features in Nokia and Microsoft press conference 5th in New York!!!


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