Friday, August 24, 2012

Come and see Nokia Phi design

As we've known that Nokia and Microsoft will have a press conference on September 5th in New York. A rumor told that they will lunch a 3 new Windows Phone 8, Nokia Phi, Arrow and Atlas. Nokia Phi is suspected as a Nokia Windows Phone 8 Flagship. Nokia Phi will come with 4.7'' Clear Black AMOLED screen, 4G LTE, micro SD card support and CPU dual core 1.5Ghz. Design will be a Lumia style.

In this picture, we will see that a screen isn't curved. Because of its screen size, if it's curved, it will make a screen brittle and cracking. But it's curved in back. Nokia Phi will come with Micro SD card support, but I didn't see where it is. Micro USB port is on the bottom with a dual speaker phone which I think it will be better than my Nokia Lumia 800, that I herded a sound very hard when my phone is on my right. Micro sim is on a top, oh ! or a Micro SD card dock will be at the same place. But in my phone, the micro sim ate the half space on a top.

Other like a sound adjust button , lock button and camera button are in a same place as Lumia 800 and Lumia 900. And from a design, there is not a PureView camera. Now PureView camera is quite big and as we've seen, the camera is like an old stuff.

This is just a design that leaked, not to sure it's a newest. But still hope PureView comes to Windows Phone 8 as Nokia teased. We will know for sure in Microsoft and Nokia Press Conference September 5th in New York.

.Source : Liverside


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