Saturday, August 25, 2012

Apple won Samsung, future for Windows Phone 8

Just 21 hours and 37 minute in consideration conflicts about Apple against Samsung, Samsung found guilty and be fined 40 percent of 2.5 billion that Apple had asked, about 1 billion.

Apple sued Samsung for copying many UI contents;such as, Bounce-back, tap-to-zoom, multi-touch and pinch-to-zoom, designs of Samsung Galaxy S and S II that look like Iphone. and later then Samsung sued back.

Samsung have been lost all patents except Samsung Galaxy tab that the court told didn't copy Ipad. (but other court told that it copied, lol)

So from now on, in the mobile market will be on fire. Because you can't make any phones like other phone. In the mobile market, we will see new phones that look different and unique. About a mobile device, basically it will contains with 2 parts, phone design and OS. And about the OS, this is a point. Windows Phone 8 will have more attention from many company because they want something fresh, something new, and Windows Phone 8 got that. Many OEMs will pay attention to Windows Phone 8 for sure. I don't know that Microsoft will give an ability to adjust the UI to their OEMs, maybe.. maybe not.I think giving this ability to OEMs have pros and cons. Pros as we've known is many UI interface, but cons, my opinion , OEMs will not pay an attention to their service. they will think only to make them different in what only consumers can see, but not feel. Something that make consumers feel different will be ignore.

Now, there are many news for Window Phone 8 device, Fujitsu ,Samsung Macro, Samsung Odyssey,Nokia Phi, Nokia Atlas and Nokia Arrow. Nokia will published the First Windows Phone 8 in Nokia and Microsoft Press conference September 5th in New York.

With a support from many OEMs, Windows Phone 8 will have more in the market. Consumers will have more choices. Then many app-builder will come to Windows Phone 8, more apps for we. That's a FUTURE FOR WINDOWS PHONE 8.


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