Monday, August 20, 2012

Analyze Samsung GT-I8370 Macro

According to Samsung that revealed a rumor about Windows Phone 8 devices, Macro and Odyssey. Macro is a Mid-end phone. A predictive price is about 350-450 Euro.

As we've known that Samsung and Apple had a problem about copyright. For me, I think Apple is going to win that(Just my opinion :)). So Samsung has to look for other platform. Samsung is a one of Microsoft's hardware partner that Microsoft declared in Windows Phone 8 dev conference. Samsung is one of the best hardware provider in a world, so this Windows Phone 8 must have a Samsung quality.

But it's enough?? 

Samsung GT-I8370 Macro will come with a 1.5Ghz dual core. About the core processor, it's enough, because Windows Phone 8 uses a very low resource. It's fast enough. Compared to my Nokia Lumia 800, I think Macro will be more fluid when plays a 3D game.

With 5MP back camera and 1.9MP in front, it can fight in next gen phone. A front camera will be useful for video call. But Windows Phone 7.5 has a poor camera quality, I wish it will be improved in Windows Phone 8. Camera 5MP is normal in now Mid-end phone.

The 4.0'' WVGA Super AMOLED display, the screen size will be a primary weapon in this. But WVGA is good enough? No, I think in next-gen Phone, the display quality must be HD.

8GB storage feel hurts for me a little, but thanks to Windows Phone 8 Micro SD card support. It's ok.

I don't know that it will support NFC or not, but if Samsung want to fight in next-gen, they must have.And if Samsung Macro has 4G LTE . 350-450 is a pretty price.

Is macro can fight in the world next-gen phone? I think it will be hard. 350-450 Euro is cruel for this spec.(Spec that it doesn't include NFC and 4G LTE ) But the screen size is very attractive and it's a Windows Phone 8.

Wait for Odysseys analytic soon!!


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